TTC Protect 


is quite simply the easiest and most cost effective way of keeping track of your prized possessions and loved ones.

Unlike other GPS Tracking devices, TTC Protect has no monthly fee's or lock in contracts. Simply have the product installed, download the   

TTC Protect Smartphone App for Android or Apple and thats it.

Peace of mind for that special vehicle

Keeping  your family and assets safer

We all worry about our loved ones out on the open road, especially our kids with less experience than other road users.  With The Tracking Centre's TTC Protect you can have peace of mind knowing that their safe and where they are at the push of a button on your smart phone. 

GPS Tracking  GPS Tracker
GPS Tracking  GPS Tracker

And it's not just about the kids either, many of our loved ones drive on long trips like Mum and Dad's big holiday adventure with the caravan.

TTC Protect can keep you updated on many different assets like you're motor cycle, quad bikes, trail-able and moored boats, generators and the list go's on.

Plus there's the added advantage of informing the Police on your stolen assets exact location, should you unfortunately be one of the many affected by theft's that occur everyday.

GPS Tracking  GPS Tracker
GPS Tracking  GPS Tracker
GPS Tracking  GPS Tracker
GPS Tracking  GPS Tracker
GPS Tracking  GPS Tracker

So how does TTC Protect work ?

 So lets say your away on a trip or holiday somewhere and you want to check that your asset is at home in the garage or where you left it ! Simply get your Smartphone out, open the TTC Protect App and press the position button.

The TTC Protect App will send  your asset's device a command asking for it's current location. The TTC Protect App will then show you a map and an address where the asset is currently located.

If the asset is moving, it will even show you the speed and direction.

TTC Protect is more than just Tracking

Your TTC Protect GPS tracking system is also able to send you notifications about your assets.

You can turn these alerts on and off through the TTC Protect smartphone app at any time.

You can even have TTC Protect inform you that your vehicles security alarm is sounding.

GPS Tracking  GPS Tracker


Alerts you if your vehicle has moved from where you parked it.​

Tilt / Shock

Notifies you if your vehicle is hit or tilted (ie having wheels stolen)

Crash / Impact

Alerts you if your vehicle has been involved in an accident​

Battery Disconnect

Notifies you if your vehicle has had its battery disconnected.

GPS Tracking  GPS Tracker


TTC Protect works on a pre-paid credit system meaning NO monthly data fee's. In fact the average TTC Protect user only spends approximately $25 a year on credits !

1 x TTC Protect vehicle position request = 1 Credit used

Cost of Credits 

100 Credits = USD $18

50 Credits = USD $10

10 Credits = USD $3

What happens if my vehicle is stolen ?

GPS Tracking  GPS Tracker